New EXFO MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier OLTS

EXFO announces the launch of its new MaxTester 940 Fiber Certifier OLTS.

With this instrument you can certify up to 2 optical fibres in 2 wavelenghts in just 2.6 seconds.

The instrument certifies both multimode and singlemode fibre and has built-in Encircled-Flux compliancy as per ANSI/TIA andISO/IEC.

The MaxTester 940 certifies agains multiple industry standards at once saving time.

The unit has a 100% automated fibre inspection: one step process with pass/fail analysis at both ends of the fibre. Both the master and remote unit have large 7″ touch screens.

If you need more information regarding this certifier please contact us.

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