• For outside plant applications. Core alignment.
  • Worldwide prestigious Japanese brand.
  • 6s fusion time. 9s oven time.
  • Compact and very light.
  • Safety PIN code to avoid non authorized use.
  • Removable V grooves for easy cleaning (unique)


The new Fitel S179 fusion splicer is easy and comfortable to operate. It can be used with a single hand. Ideal to work in data centres, point to point longhaul, FTTx.

This fusion splicer is resistant to drop, dust, water and wind. It has a large 4.3” touch screen and a high capacity battery to do up to 200 fibre splices. 

Great performance and easy maintenance 

One of the main problems when purchasing a fusion splicer is its maintenance that if not done correctly can affect its operation in the long run. The S179 fusion splicer has a large fusion compartment where it is very easy to place the fibres. With a 130º opening angle it facilitates maintenance and cleaning. It has 4 LEDs (three above and one below) that illuminate very brightly the fusion compartment in order to be able to work in the best possible conditions. It’s great advantage for maintenance purposes is its removable V groove that allows you to clean these grooves with liquids and detergent and also the lenses with a precision that is not possible with other splicer brands. 

Technology for your comfort 


The S179 fusion splicer will be connected to your smartphone. From your smartphone you can unlock the splicer thanks to its NFC technology and also perform brief checks through Wi-Fi. It is very fast splicing in only 6 seconds and just 9s of oven time to shrink that splice protection tubes.



  • Dimensions (in mm): 179 W x 246 L x 131 H (including bumpers). It fits in one hand.
  • Weight: 1,7 Kg without the battery and 2 Kg with the battery.
  • Resistance to drop, water and dust to allow you to work in hostile environments.
  • Spacious fusion compartment for easy placement of fibres.
  • LED lamps to illuminate the fusion compartment.
  • Splices in 6 seconds
  • Long lasting electrodes (up to 5000 splices). This is 5 times more than other brands and provides important operational savings.
  • Mirror free to reduce maintenance tasks and avoid the problem that other brands have of not being able to correctly fuse when the mirrors are dirty.
  • Compatible with fixed, removable and SOC holders.
  • Integrated long lasting battery: 200 splices and oven cycles.
  • Stores reports of up to 2000 splices and images of the last 100 splices.
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy firmware update through the Internet.


  • FTTH, outside plant, LANs and long haul fibre optic installation.

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